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Earrings: Historical Adornments

Earrings as well as other jewelry items are token reminders of the rich historical past that these items have enjoyed for ages. Earrings are one of the oldest known types of jewelry. The first earrings are believed to have roots in western Asia, and the documentation of Crete’s use of earrings appears in their images on coinage, vases, and terra cotta statues. Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry of different colored gemstones and precious metals as protection from evil, and for medicinal purposes and as an indication of wealth and position as well as for personal jewelry ornamentations, such as earrings, the hoop style, appeared roughly speaking about 330 BC. Wealthy Roman women were admired by their use of pearls, which were especially esteemed as well as the gemstones in their earrings and other jewelry. During the 17th century, women always dressed in their earrings as a matter of practice whether they were clothed or unclothed. Ancient Grecians were expressive their fondness of pendant earrings ornamented with depictions of their celebrated deities as well as objects of life found in nature, such as leaves, animals and birds, they were very scenic in their style of jewelry. In Pompeii there was found a gold necklace set with emerald and pearl gems.

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Earrings are jewelry accessories that are worn world round, they have a rich cultural heritage in history and in this day and time. Earrings, ornamental adornments for your ears, take a front seat in making a jewelry fashion statement, now just as they have in decades past. Earrings are an exquisite beauty essential, as well as a fun jewelry type. Countless styles and types of earrings are available. Only a few other jewelry type fashion accessories create as much of an effect as earrings. In view of the fact that earrings pleasantly frame the face, earrings can highlight the radiance of facial features, by drawing attention to the eyes or earrings can transform the ambiance of any chosen dress attire practically unaccompanied by any other jewelry type.

Earring designs can range from traditional gemstone studs that come in a beautiful array of colors. Drop or stud earrings are always fashionable, and a jewelry type and style that has found itself comfortable accompanying any dressing attire, elegantly tranquil, these jewelry fashion essentials can accompany any other jewelry accessory, or they may be worn as a lone jewelry accent. There are the gracefully compelling precious metal hoops that can be styled with precious metal charms and gemstones, or stylishly sexy as simple precious metal hoops. As well as the romantically subtle glistening dangles, that adds an air of softness to any fashion dressing attire.

If your personal schedule includes many outdoor activities, consider the simpler styles of earrings, so that they do not get in the way of the activities, by the way of swinging and swaying, or getting caught in something and broken or lost. With expensive stud earrings, you can check to see if the post is threaded, which allows the back to screw onto the post and firmly hold the earring in position. This is effective in avoiding the loss of precious earrings containing valuable gemstones or made of precious metals.

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