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Precious Metals - Silver

Silver may very well be the first metal fashioned by people of many different histories. Silver was employed by the means of creating boxes, buttons, jewelry, utensils, and weapons. Since silver had such a high utilization it was commonly melted back down and reused for other objects, alas much of the truly ancient objects of silver were lost to the spacious distant past. The ancient Egyptians fashioned serving ware, deity figurines and jewelry, such as rings, bracelets and amulets from silver, they also used it for fashioning other objects and decorations, as when introduced to Egypt silver was a rarity. Romans and Greek began minting silver coinage somewhere in the times of the 200 BC‘s. Silver coinage from ancient India were fashioned as long sticks, or round and square coins with punch marks crested in them, which were issued from their various kingdoms. North and South American natives fashioned many of their treasures of silver, as well as colonial Americans. The Indian Peace Metal given as tokens of friendship to Native American tribe chiefs, by U.S. presidents were fashioned of silver. The discovery of the Comstock Lode of Nevada in 1859 created a silver rush competing that of the Gold Rush of 1848. The flexibility and conductive characteristics of Silver make it idyllic for use in dentistry and surgical implants in today’s world.

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As with any type of nature element of minerals and gemstones, silver is conductive of energy, it conveys a cool gentle, inspirational effect. Silver is best complimented by the use of soothing, serene colors of gems, as it pronounces them favorably. Silver performs supreme as an alternative communicator and is beneficial in aiding the human body by its use. As with all defined precious metal and distinctive valued gem jewelry, comfort is necessary. Silver is most marvelous for mental, emotional, and physical releasing and cleansing, as a precious metal. Silver aids by way of balancing the functions of both the sides of the brain as mental activity are refined, thereby improving the transmission of nerve impulses, diminishing anxiety. Wearing of silver jewelry encourages fertility, as silver influences the circulation and detoxifies the blood, therefore balancing hormones, body chemistry.

Being a pliable and plenteous precious metal, that is a bit less valuable by today’s standards than other precious metals, but tarnishes effortlessly and has need of recurrent care and cleaning, silver is too soft to be fashioned as jewelry in its purest form. Sterling silver is one of the most familiar types of alloyed precious metal of silver jewelry having a content rate of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper and should be hallmarked as 925 or and abbreviation of ster. Talented jewelers, easily accomplish resizing a ring of silver by a size or two, as long as the silver ring is not adorned by gemstones, as resizing a silver ring with a gemstone can be complicated owing to silver's properties when exposed to high temperatures.

Remember you can help your jewelry keep its wonderful luster, by being gentle with your jewelry, while doing any type of rough activities. Keep them away from all chemicals, as chemicals may be very harmful to precious metals and gemstones. Silver may be cared for by washing with soap and water, and then drying it carefully with a soft cloth. Silver is properly stored by being kept in a cool dark and dry place, making sure that the silver is not placed directly on plastic or wood. Silver that has become tarnished may be cleaned with a commercial paste, polish or tarnish-removing product.

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