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Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and historic gemstones the world has known.

Legend has it that Sapphire was first worn by Prometheus, a rival of Zeus, took the gemstone from Cacaus. The ancient Persians assumed Sapphires were a morsel off the platform that founded the earth, and that the sky reflected its colors. Biblical records place Sapphire as being a gemstone of fire, and were specified to Moses to situate in the breastplate of Aaron, Sapphire is also one of the twelve gemstones in the detailing of the city walls of Jerusalem, and it associated with the Apostle St. Paul. In ancient times, it was believed that the power of Sapphire enabled the wearer to realize the correct solution of challenging obstacles. In India, a Sapphire absorbed in water produced an elixir that could alleviate the bite of scorpions and snakes. In Burmese legend a goddess of golden tresses and Sapphire eyes of blue, lovingly presided over a temple. A monk came everyday to meditate before the goddess, and was in the company of a green-eyed cat. One-day thieves overwhelmed the temple throwing the monk to the floor; the cat jumped upon the monkís chest, and fiercely protected him. The thieves fled, and in appreciation for the catís bravery, the goddess honored it with her eyes of Sapphire blue. Cats of heir ship still stand watch over the temple.

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Sapphire is the non-red sister of ruby, and a variety of corundum. From the time when Sapphires were first discover, they have fascinated and enchanted jewelry enthusiasts all over the world. Sapphires are a marvelously amorous and charmingly seductive gem. Which comes in a vast array of kaleidoscope colors, which range in depth from brilliantly translucent to the rich opaque, ranging from the blaze of sizzling pinks, warm dazzling yellows, and radiant cool blues, to opulent jungle greens, a Sapphires scope of delightful dancing colors is genuinely amazing.

Owing to Sapphires hardness, luminosity and array of colors, the Sapphire is considered to be the overall the most valuable and resourceful of the entire gemstone type. You in all probability presuppose that your sapphire gemstone has been heat enhanced. An unheated enhanced Sapphire is exceptionally uncommon and would be extremely exclusive, being very valuable. Quite nearly all sapphire exhibit particular natural inclusions, and are priced by the quality of such characteristics, finding a gemstone which is free of inclusions to the eye is a common practice of affordable sapphire.

Caring for Sapphires is sensible; do not wear your Sapphire jewelry while doing any strenuous work that could bring harm to the gemstone. Handling of Sapphire jewelry by its gemstone can lead to the gem becoming dislodged from its setting, as with other gemstone jewelry, leaving happenstance to loosing a precious gem. A Sapphire is enduring than its precious metal mountings, having the prongs of the setting checked regularly will assure loss of such a gemstone.

A gentle cleaning of Sapphire in a warm soapy bath and the use of a soft bristle brush will keep your Sapphire jewelry gleaming for years to come. Sapphires are very durable, and may be placed safely in ultrasonic cleaner and commercial products for cleansing care.

Since Sapphires are harder than other gemstones, and precious metals, it is best to store them separately in lined compartments of your jewelry box, or in a lint free drawstring pouch.

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