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Ruby is the fiery red gemstone member of the corundum family of gems. The richness of this gems color is without comparison. The truest Ruby is unmistakably red. A true Ruby gemstone is one of the rarest gems on the earth.

In India, the intense gemstone Ruby has been considered the King of all Gems, for thousands of years. Many a silken Ruby adorns the crest of the most auspicious Royal Houses, as the passionate warm and fiery red of Ruby gemstone is a classic gem in jewelry making representing power.

Inspiration, courage, prosperity and leadership abilities are also attributed to the encouraging influences of this passion filled gem we call the Ruby. One of the reasons for its continual use in so many of the crowning jewelry pieces of England, and worn by their sovereign leaders, down through the ages.

A Ruby was also included in the Breastplate of Aaron, and it represents for us the apostle Matthew. The Ruby gem along with several other gemstones were put to use in reference as examples of spiritual realities by the Prophet Isaiah in his poetic book of prophecy, giving us the ideals of how we may use these gemstones to further our own sense of inner higher powers. The gemstone Ruby has the ability to promote generosity, and courage and is a beautiful addition to any Christian jewelry collection.

The naturally occurring inclusions within a Ruby do not devalue the quality of this highly revered gemstone. However, a heavily included gemstone Ruby may have a tenancy to chip or crack when taking hard blows, so be sure to remove any fine jewelry while working at heavy activities.

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It is quite virtually impossible to find a naturally flawless ruby. On the Mohs' scale, the hardness of Ruby holds a rating of 9. The Ruby falls in second only to the diamond in its hardness.

July expresses its own warmly vibrating temperament by celebrating its birthstone by the gemstone Ruby.

Ruby represents devotion and romance; it is a wonderful choice for an engagement ring and bridal jewelry. The Ruby is also the traditional gemstone gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

The most expensive and rarest of the Ruby gems is a rich deep blood red, which brings to mind the nurturing effect of romantic love, devotion and happiness. As well as the feelings of generosity and brings prosperity to the wearer of this fine gemstone. The Ruby red blush of this magnificent gemstone symbolizes enthusiastic and unbridled adoration between couples so enchantingly in love with one another. Encouraging romance and enthusiasm amidst the warmth of loving hearts, and is a fine choice as bridal jewelry or designer jewelry while shopping for gifts of celebrating your undying love for one another.

It is believed to be a protective gemstone, and has been used to ward off melancholy, and nightmares. Some even find that the Ruby helps to fight fevers and disease as well as aiding with blood circulation, while it promotes the effect of balancing blood sugar levels.

With the heart-warming affects that have been attributed to the precious Ruby, how can you go wrong with a purchase of such an amazing gemstone?

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