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Apatite is a gemstone rarely present in jewelry stores and practically unfamiliar to the wide-ranging public, although Apatite is a favorite of many gemstone collectors for its various unique colors and forms. Therefore possessing a jewelry type of Apatite is a modern move of trend setting fashionable jewelry, and a collector’s item as well; therefore being the first to acquire such an unusual jewelry piece fashioned from Apatite will be even more elegant.

Apatite has an allusion of being similar in valuable gemstones, such as beryl, olivine, peridot and tourmaline. The word Apatite comes from a Greek word meaning to deceive. Apatite history is long, yet astoundingly uncertain and vague. This therefore enhances the mystery of this delightful gem. While this gemstone has been associated with appetite control for centuries, as well as Apatite influence of well-being in communication, Apatite is also a wonderful gemstone that influences great insight and compassion. Few other uses in the background of Apatite are recognized. Only in the last 100 years, has accurate Apatite procedures been discovered, for means of non-gem quality usage.

Apatite smallness in crystal size and development has preserved accurate details of the fossilized animals' formation, thereby providing an abundance of information for research. This is consistent with metaphysical concepts, which support that Apatite can inspire viewpoints and attitudes, and enable people with the abilities of sustaining concentration and motivational focus, as well as effective learning, by clarity of thought. Apatite has been employed as a gemstone for warding off viruses. Various others also believe that Apatite influences harmony, love, peace, and conveying personal revelations.

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Apatite ranges from a clear to opaque in color shades of green, brown, yellow, white, red, and purple. The bright neon blue, and light green gem specimens of Apatite are fashioned into modern jewelry. Apatite is fashioned into gems and beads; however, because of the delicacy of its softness and fragile nature, Apatite is suitable for the fashioning of earrings and necklaces, as Apatite is less susceptible to harm in these jewelry types and is most reflective in its luster. Apatite has an admirable luster and is sensitive to acids; care must be taken to remove Apatite jewelry while being involved with any chemicals.

Use of a steamer, hot water or ultrasonic cleaner with Apatite is never recommended. Using a soft cloth with a bath of lukewarm tap water and mild soap are the best cleaning tools, so as not to scratch the surface or devalue its luster. Care for this stone is similar to that given opals, as Apatite is heat and shock sensitive. Apatite is one of the few gemstones in today’s jewelry that has no heat treatment or chemical enhancements to enrich the look of the gemstone.

The polish level of Apatite can fluctuate on this soft gemstone depending on the skill levels of artisans, producing a well-polished gem quality evaluation of value. As in evaluation of value of other gemstones, the saturation of clarity, colors, and size of an Apatite, are the foremost points of value in evaluating its worth.

Apatite ought to be gently cut, set, and worn as a fashion statement in jewelry. Apatite use in rings should be regulated to exclusive jewelry types with considerate protecting placements in the setting of the gemstone. Apatite jewelry is too fragile for daily wear. Set sensibly, Apatite submits to years of magnificence occasional jewelry wear.

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