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Consider the style and finish

Knowing Your Jewelry: Style and Finish
From Custom Jewelry to Precious Metal

Gemstones come in two styles of cuts, either they are facet cut gems, meaning they have been styled by stonecutter to be geometrically shaped, and have flat polished faces, or the non-faceted gems, meaning they do not have geometrically shaped flat polished faces such as cabochons, which are flat bottomed with a rounded face.

If the jewelry you are taking into consideration will have no gemstones, you may want to consider what kind of finish the jewelry piece will have. Do you desire it have a high polish, which is very shiny, a satin finish, which has a matted finish or a diamond-cut finish, one that glitters? The persona and personal tastes of the future receiver should help you establish which finish will be the most excellent choice. Highly polish and satin finishes are considered a bit more traditional than diamond-cut finishes that are more dazzling, but all make for enchanting gifts of jewelry.

While choosing a gemstones and precious metal jewelry, the gem and polish must be unblemished with no obvious surface scratches, pitting or polishing lines.

There are so many different styles of jewelry to choose from, the variety can make one lightheaded, perhaps even whimsical. Whether your choice is a birthstone, anniversary gemstone, or a favorite gem, the selection is amazing!

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There are the earring styles, which can be found as, studs, these are an elegant essential that can be worn positively with just about any additional type of jewelry. Hoops, depending on the hoop shape and size, this can produce a classy, stylish and sexy look. Dangles, which are delicate drops, that enhance with an understated dreamlike emphasis to any outfit. Colored Gemstones, These can add color to your wardrobe. When buying these, opt for hues and colors that flatter your features, skin tones and eyes.

Necklaces are always a wonderful fashion statement, they have always been in style, and will always be in style! With a wide variety from chokers, to long gold chains, choosing just the right necklace that fits your own personal tastes is sure to be a cherished prize, whether it is an antique jewelry, tiffany jewelry or Christian jewelry piece.

Rings of jewelry are always a pleasing surprise, and they also come in a number of styles, sure to fit in anyone’s collection of fine jewelry. Choosing a ring to fit your lifestyle, and personal tastes, come in many styles, there are birthstones and gemstones for everyone ranging from bridal jewelry to costume jewelry, as well as rings with no gem settings, that are absolutely stunning.

Bracelets come in a vast selection, and are easily incorporated in with any other jewelry accessory or dress apparel, which range from the simplicity of single gold and silver chains, to the gorgeous elegance of braided and weaved chains to heart endearing friendship bracelets.

Watches are always a favorite, and come in many styles; you have the options of choosing watches that are affectionately sporting, to a watch that is elegantly ravishing for eveningwear by candle light.

With such an impressive array of styles and finishes, as well as a wealth of beautiful rainbow colored gemstones, and complimentary precious metals, to be chosen from, choosing your future jewelry accessory will be a creative jewelry adventure.

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