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Bridal tips

Bridal Guide: Jewelry for Your Special Day

Your wedding day is a celebration of bringing you and your groom together in holy matrimony, an occasion that will be cherished and live in your memories forever. Making the right choices while planning your wedding day is a worthwhile time investment for you, one of those choices will involve the choice of your bridal jewelry.

Your hairstyle and wedding dress influence the type of bridal jewelry, you will choose. As bridal jewelry and other embellishments put the lasting touches on your bridal ensemble, adding such accessories as earrings and necklaces should be considered by hairstyle and length and neck length, as well as facial shape. Knowing and following the recommended rules governed by these proportions is a very significant clue in choosing bridal jewelry that is becoming to your own personal style on such a wonderful occasion.

Choosing bridal jewelry can be fun and exciting! Your choice of bridal jewelry should harmonize with the dress and show off your personal sense of style. If your bridal gown is richly embellished with beads and sequins, you may chose not to wear a bridal jewelry necklace, but rather create a flattering emphasis to your face by choosing an elegant pair of bridal earrings. If you choose to wear a headpiece and bridal veil, choosing earrings that will complement with the design of the headpiece and bridal veil, is best.

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If your bridal gown neckline is more to a simple taste and fashion, wearing a necklace or pendant that is complimentary to the bridal gown is breathtaking.

Adding the colors to your bridal jewelry from your bridal theme colors is always a nice touch, since there are gemstones of every color of the rainbow, choosing a complimentary gemstone to enhance your bridal jewelry is always an exhilarating pleasure. An engagement ring containing your birthstone is considered to bring good luck to the bridal couple. Diamonds and pearls remain popular all through the years and they come in their own array of colors and are a delight to wear long after the day of your wedding. There are so many styles from which to choose your bridal jewelry, while creating an elegant look and feel to your bridal accessories.

Remember that your bridal gown is the starring fashion statement on your wedding day; your bridal jewelry is for accessorizing and complimenting the bridal gown, not the other way around. Leave your watch at home on your wedding day, unless it is part of a bridal jewelry ensemble. If you choose to wear bridal hair jewelry, and then keep the other bridal jewelry to a subtle showing, making sure that the jewelry and gown are working together to be flattering on you, as the competition of too many jewelry pieces will be unflattering, and no certain piece will be complimentary to the others. Be sure to have your hair done a few days before your wedding day to see if you really like the way it looks, so you‘ll be content with the style on your wedding day.

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