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Jewelry Basics
Know Your Fine Jewelry: Cut

The cut of a gem refers to the proportions of the gem that has been fashioned, as well as the make and finish of a polished gemstone. The cut of a gemstone is the quality that gives your jewelry its lively and entertaining characteristics. A proper cut to the gem is what brings out the beauty within, as it captures and plays with the light, and reflects the kaleidoscope of sparkling color back to your eyes. Gazing into a well cut gemstone will make itself known to you by the simplicity of its graceful brightness across the entire surface of the gem.

You will not be able to see through a properly cut gemstone because almost every ray light is being reflected back towards your eyes. A gemstone that has been cut with precision will enhance the gem, and make it dance in the light, enabling your jewelry to catch every eye, and will be an amazing fashion accessory to any piece of wardrobe.

Properly cut gemstones will reflect the light with a mirror like reflection that flows smoothly over the gem on all sides, thereby giving the gemstone brilliance in appearance. By taking the time to study the affect of light flowing through your choice of gemstone jewelry, you will be able to see if the gemstone was cut properly, as the gem plays with the light as it amazes your sense of sight.

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In a well cut gemstone is unmistakable, as all lines will meet with together with precision and have a clean crisp appearance, which brings out the radiance of your fine jewelry. Lines that do not meet will cause the gemstone to be dull looking, as will any pitting and scratching in the gem surface. For gemstones, highest qualities of cuts expose the fewest inclusions of the gem, thereby affording you the most amount of gemstone weight within your jewelry. No amount of beautiful color or pureness in clarity can make up for the significance of a poorly cut gemstone

All the dimensions of a well cut gem are symmetrical, and ideal for maximizing the brilliance of any gemstone. The depth of the cut determines the depth of color that is reflected by light in the gemstone. The deeper colors are the affects of deeper cuts, a shallower cut to the gemstone, allows the most amount of light to be permitted to penetrate the gem, and the light reflecting within the gemstone is what gives your jewelry effervescent life, and a joy to wear.

The art of polishing a gemstone is the oldest form of fashioning a gem, to be used in jewelry making. The gemstones may be polished as beads, or fashioned as a flat-bottomed gem with a smooth polished round surface, and are called cabochon. Many pieces of antique jewelry contain cabochon gemstones. Gemstones that are round cut are brilliant cuts, which allow for the greatest amount of light to be reflected around and out of the gemstone. This cut is a popular cut for diamonds, and gemstones. The process of a gem being cut in square or rectangular shape employ the step cut, which from the back of the jewel looks like a set of steps. The mixed cut, which comes in a vast array of charming cuts, involves the process of being mixing different cuts, such as pear or oval shape gemstones for your fine jewelry. Fancy cut gems give several possibilities of gemstone cuts such as a triangular, marquise and the heart shape.

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