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Jewelry Basics

What You Need To Know About Fine Jewelry and Gems

What Is Jewelry?

Jewelry has traditionally been used as a form of personal expression and body decoration, but it is also used as a form of religious expression. Different cultures have different meanings for their jewelry. When you are choosing jewelry, you may first wish to determine if you want modern or ethnic/tribal styles. Either style can be a lovely addition to your wardrobe, but in order to fully appreciate what you are selecting and what style you are seeking it is a good ideal to understand the different types. Read More

Types of Jewelry

Jewelry comes in as many types as there are people who wear it. It can be made from gemstones, stone, metal, glass, synthetic materials and even organic materials, such as wood or bone, to form pieces that are personal expressions of style. Fine jewelry usually features precious metals, such as gold and platinum. Fine jewelry is often accented with genuine gems, like rubies and sapphires or diamonds. Costume jewelry is usually less expensive and is made of more synthetic materials such as acrylic, although costume jewelry can also be made of wood, bone and other organic materials. Read More

Clarity of Jewelry

Clarity of a gemstone is the grading of a gem by the amount of inclusions found within the gemstone, inclusions are small fractures, hollowed areas, or small traces of minerals, and veils, these inclusions are in reality the delightful natural personality of gemstones, and it is rare to find a gemstone to be inclusion free. Read More

Color of Jewelry

Colors in gemstones range in a dazzling multitude of color; you have many delightful choices from the wonderful assortment of rainbow colors to wear in your jewelry! Read More

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Cut of Jewelry

The cut of a gem refers to the proportions of the gem that has been fashioned, as well as the make and finish of a polished gemstone. The cut of a gemstone is the quality that gives your jewelry its lively and entertaining characteristics. A proper cut to the gem is what brings out the beauty within, as it captures and plays with the light, and reflects the kaleidoscope of sparkling color back to your eyes. Gazing into a well cut gemstone will make itself known to you by the simplicity of its graceful brightness across the entire surface of the gem. Read More

Size of Jewelry

Gemstones contain a variety of levels of concentration according to each gemstones nature. Because of the density difference in the range of individual gemstones, the carat weight is often a confusing factor in choosing a gemstone, as it is possible that two comparable gems will appear to be the same size but in reality can be very different in carat weight. Read More

Jewelry Care

Some jewelry will be in need of special care. Some opaque gems such as turquoise, opals and onyx should never be cleaned with ammonia or ultrasonic cleaners. Opals should be kept away from strong lighting and heat as this can dry out the opals. The organic substance of amber, coral and pearl should only be wiped with a soft cloth while being cleaned. These gems are also to chemicals, many are found in cosmetics, hairspray and perfume, and over time, and these chemicals can greatly damage your prized jewelry. Read More

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